Chyrp at Software Freedom Kosova 2011 Conference

Couple of days back, it was publicly announced on Twitter and Facebook that I will be talking about Chyrp at the Software Freedom Kosova 2011 event. I know I should have officially announced that with a blog post here, since it was totally worth it, I guess I must have been too excited and didn't really pay the necessary attention of doing that.

On that regard, however, I'm quickly sharing the slides that I used for introducing Chyrp to an audience of about 300 people, while hoping that I will publish the video material, once I get it from the organizers of the conference. Until then, have fun and enjoy navigating through the slides, and leave your feedback in the comments.


  1. Awesome. And... Me in autors. Great. I'm very glad.

    Decoy on
  2. B.E.A.UTIFUL slides. Your presentation was just amazing brother.

    Driton A. Xhezairi on