Chyrp 2.5 Final Released

Chyrp 2.5 Final

Dear all,

The Chyrp team is proud to announce the availability of Chyrp version 2.5 final release.

For about more than two years in the making, around 500 commits pushed to the official repository, with hundreds bug fixes and dozen new features, and with the priceless help of some special individuals, we have come to the much desired point of concluding this effort and calling 2.5 final.

This release is special from its entirety. Whilst it still preserves the key purpose of the project, that is to remain lightweight and awesome at all costs, it brings new exciting features however, that will not only make you love Chyrp even more but also increase your loyalty towards it.

Dropbox post syncing, responsive Admin UI, brand new Audio player, brand new Extension Manager, the awesome RedactorJS WYSIWYG, Post Featured Image (Post Thumbnail), Submission Module, Related Posts and many more, we are confident this is the Chyrp you have all been waiting for.

A worthy note though, all this new features don't come without a sacrifice, therefore we were forced to increase the system requirement of PHP from version 5.2.0 to PHP >= 5.3.0, which appears to be pretty standard across many hosting providers. On the one hand, this move allowed us to implement the current features we shipped with Chyrp 2.5.0, but gave us a lot of room for flexible manoeuvring on the other.

Without too much ramble, I would like to express my gratitude and acknowledgment to every single one of you that has contributed in any form to the project for the past months. You have been the source of motivation and encouragement to reach this far so that we can now cherish this moment together. I am immensely grateful to y'all.

Now, let's give ourselves a pat on the back, let this moment be a moment of joy, and let us preserve the necessary strength, skill and energy to keep on going forward and make Chyrp the best blogging tool there is.

Download Chyrp v2.5.0

• Arian

Ending support for Chyrp 2.1

As it was earlier announced, the second Release Candidate of Chyrp version 2.5 has been made available.

Though it's true this place has been pretty silent recently, nevertheless development activity around Chyrp during the warm summer days we left behind happened to be very active. Surprising enough, much of the changes and additions you will see in the most recent release, are the tireless work of two awesome fellows, whose contribution left us speechless.

First and foremost, there were a lot of user requests to provide a seamless cross-device publishing experience for Chyrp. To withhold from saying that work on native apps for various platforms seemed like a thing that belonged to the far future, it was plain and simple impossible for the time being. Simply put, something like that would have meant to completely put Chyrp development to a halt.

Thankfully, a guy called Daniel Pimley who goes in the Chyrp forums by the name ZG, was brave enough to take such a responsibility upon his shoulders, roll up his sleeves and get to work. But instead of working on separate platforms, he made something even more awesome; overhaul the Admin Theme to satisfy everyone's needs. That is, make it responsive. Besides that, you will also now be served SVG images instead of the good old PNG icons. Pimley had a touch on some other things too, but listing all his contribution here would take more time.

Kasim Ahmic a.k.a. The_Infection (mind the name) the second cool guy, made many CSS fixes across Firecrest theme, Feather and Module templates, only to make the overall rendering more compact than ever. He even replaced the old Flash audio player in favor of an HTML5 compliant alternative. Now tell me how cool is that! His contribution doesn't end here either, Mr. Ahmic added (optional) titles to the rest of the Feathers, something I rigorously rejected all this time, but hey, it's their vote against mine I guess. 😀

For a full list of changes, see the changelog here.

On a final note, today we are ending support for Chyrp 2.1.2 and all other versions prior to 2.5. Whilst I understand that some of you may be sceptical towards using a release candidate, we are forced to make this move due to a number of reasons, the most important one admittedly being the security of our software. As it is to date, version 2.5 has been in development for quite some time and undeniably is way more secure than ever, additionally featuring many attractive and cool features. The current state of the product indicates we are closer to the final release than we could ever be, therefore it's time for all of us to focus on the future of the product and praise the long road we have walked together to make it this far.

Your feedback, bug reports and words of appreciation have been the most important source of motivation and energy for us to keep working on Chyrp. We are immensely grateful. Keep 'em coming.

TL;DR: You get a now responsive Admin UI, a new Audio Player, and we're ending support for Chyrp 2.1. Over and out.

To put this post to an end, I can be pretty mouthful to say that this is the most incredible and awesome Chyrp release ever, and we are über-happy for this. We want this to be heard, so please share the word, let your friends now and don't forget to follow Chyrp on Twitter for the latest ongoings.

• Arian

Chyrp 2.5 RC2 Released

The Chyrp core team is pleased to announce that version 2.5 RC2 has officially been released.
A lot of work has been put into this, particularly by users xenocrat and TheInfection on github. We really appreciate the help.

Version 2.5 includes a ton of bug fixes, a new look for the audio player, and a bunch of styling tweaks.
To get your hands on it, head over to the downloads page.


A Quick Update On The Overall Status

This side of the site has well been passive for quite some time. Generally, I've been sending project status updates on Twitter and Facebook, but never actually sat down to throw together the development bits into a blog post.

If you've been following Chyrp along the way then you may be aware of what's happening, however, this post is to poke the awareness of Chyrp users who don't really visit GitHub that much, neither follow Chyrp on Twitter, hence this text. Here, I've got couple of announcements to make.

Development Stage of Version 2.5

The past two months have been quite active on the development side of things. During September, there were some oscillations but all in all some bugs were fixed, couple of CSS tweaks on both Admin and Firecrest themes, etc. The most exiting part was (is) October. Why, I hear you ask! For one, due to the fact that more or less I've gone full-time with Chyrp since the beginning of the month. Yeah, it's hard to make full-time on an open-source product that doesn't generate income, but…, I've got financially backed up by a dude across the globe. He's a Godsend. A very kind and generous human being, even asked that I don't mention his neither his company's name on this blog.

Having nailed that contract, gave me enough time to slowly and progressively think stuff ahead, consider a proper project management approach, critically think Chyrp's development flow, take care of system-wide flaws (i.e., login problems), and bring up new functionality. It really can't get any more exciting than this. Having said that, just two days ago I've released version 2.5 Beta 3 (go get it buddy). This came out to be a very exciting release, since it brings with numerous bug fixes, a new refactored Update process and last but definitely not least, has a brand new WYSIWYG Editor inside. And that brings me to my next announcement.

The RedactorJS Sexiness

About a month ago, we've purchased RedactorJS; a very sexy WYSIWYG Text Editor for the masses. The content publishing experience sprang from here to there (if I could just draw a diagram here to depict it), and we've received compliments and words of encouragement for it. I must express my gratitude and appreciation to all those who donated and made it possible to enhance Chyrp's usefulness. If it wasn't for your $$, me, you and every other Chyrp user wouldn't be able to enjoy the new streamlined experience of writing. Now it meets the true meaning of the word itself.

Besides improving user experience, RedactorJS has had its other notable benefits too. First and foremost, within Text Feather (where most of the time is spent) now you have the possibility to insert as much images as you want into your posts. You can either insert an image by providing a link to it, or you can simply upload it. Yup, you read that correct. Upload images by using RedactorJS' Image Upload modal window. Note that this is not part of the 2.5b3, either you wait for say, v2.5b4 or go grab the current development zipball. Second important thing (which may only matter to me), with the advent of RedactorJS, Chyrp's package size drops down to around 500kb; the old WYSIWYG Markdown/Textile editor library is gone. Yay! I've also got rid of the SWFUpload Module, which was more of a security threat rather than nifty to anyone or anything (R.I.P. the Flash days).

About Me

I don't intend to provide an autobiography here. I just want to point out that I've moved to Vienna, Austria. Been here for one and half week to pursue a Master's degree in Social Studies (Science-Technology-Society). While I expect this change to open up opportunities for me and Chyrp, I'm also willing to experience things from a different (hopefully better) angle. There's a small (read: giant) gap in terms of perspective in a Kosovo vs. Austria opportunity match.

I love my country. I'm proud of my nation. I'm proud of my seven years in the Armed Forces. But I totally disapprove how the current geo-socio-politico-economico-military things are rolling there, so I just had to move on for a while.

Alright, I'm ending this post. You had enough of my psychobubble bullshit!

By the way, don't forget to follow Chyrp on Twitter and give a Like on Facebook.

Auf Wiedersehen!

Chyrp 2.5 Beta 2 Released

"This changes everything. Again!"

I'm just kidding, that's a quote taken from Apple when they introduced iPhone 4. However this release does indeed bring a lot improvements with it. We've been struggling to get this out earlier but failed. We acknowledge it and hope you forgive us, however, we're glad with what we've achieved so far and so should you. Chyrp 2.5 Beta 2 adds another layer of excitement by featuring the Firecrest new theme named after Chyrp 2.5. Along Firecrest I want to point out the newly developed Like module that is part of Chyrp now. For a full list of changes check out the changes log file.

Moving forward, first of all we hope you'll like Firecrest Theme. If there's a tiny chance you won't, good old Stardust will shortly be available for download from Extend/Themes and you can revert back to it. Second of all, we really count on your overall feedback. Keep in mind that all this progress wouldn't be possible if it wasn't for each and everyone of you sending over suggestions, reports addressing issues and last be certainly not the least, your emails commending our effort to keep this awesome blogging engine alive. I'm truly grateful to ya'll. Keep 'em coming.

Finally, the upgrade process for 2.5b1 users should be pretty straightforward. Normally you'll get the notification that there's a new version available. Before clicking that, make sure you backup your install just in case something goes bad. We fixed couple of issues in the Upgrader.php itself, hence we recommend you backup first.

Chyrp 2.1 users, if you haven't upgraded to 2.1.2 yet, please do so. If for any reason Firecrest may look too tempting you can easily upgrade to 2.5b2 though we would rather have you be patient for a little longer. Once 2.5 gets close to Final, you'll get your chance of trying Firecrest too. 😉

Now head over to download page and grab your Chyrp 2.5b2 copy.

Happy tumblogging!

• Arian