Installing chyrp into slackware 13.0/Bifferboard

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Hello all,

Just wondering how to install chyrp into slackware at all? I've been trying to do this, but not had a whole lot of luck!

FYI the hardware I'm running slackware on isn't a desktop PC but one of these ( ) . It is basically a tiny little server that can run x86 code (has wired 'net socket, usb, 32mb ram) - basically you can think of it as a very small headless server that is x86 compatible.

I'm running normal slackware 13.0 on it without problems and have installed sqlite- and php-5.3.10 to it.

I have two questions. First of all just how does chyrp "serve" its web pages at all? Wouldn't it need some sort of http server, for example lighttpd? Pretty much confused. And secondly because the bifferboard is headless I can't really run X on it, so I need to run the install.php via wifi in another browser (on another PC), which would need an http server.

Thanks for any help!


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Hi ljones, welcome to Chyrp.

That's quite a minimal setup I envy you about. As for Chyrp, appart for SQLite and PHP you also need a web server.

Chyrp is proven to work with Apache, Lighttpd, nginx and recently Cherokee web server. Apparently you need either one of those in order to be able to use Chyrp. As a matter of fact that's what you'd need to be able to have your own web server after all.

The procedures to have your web server running in Slackware is out of my scope of knowledge, but I'm sure you'll be able to find something useful out there, and/or figure it out on your own (which should be no hassle for you based on the setup).