Is There A Way To Add Titles To Video Posts? And A Weird Error...

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For the blog I'm working on I plan on posting lots of photos and videos. Now I noticed that in both of those feathers, I can't add titles. How do I change this?

I just posted a video from YouTube on my blog and now anytime I click a blog title to see the full post, this server error comes up:
Notice: Undefined variable: video in C:\wamp\www\chyrp\feathers\video\video.php on line 100
Here's a picture

Any ideas?

Gravatar Arian

All feathers will not have titles. There will be a separate download available soon, and not shipped with Chyrp releases where all Feathers will have titles (if all of that makes any sense).

See here the discussion that took place:

Looking onto the video feather error. Will update this post soon.

Gravatar The Infection

Oh ok then. And thanks for looking into the error. Although what I've noticed is that this only happens on the WAMP server I run on my computer for testing. When I upload to my webhost's server, I can post anything with no issues. Do you think it's an issue with my server or Chyrp itself?

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This has been brought up previously, unless there is more requests for the titles by default - the optionally installed path will be available soon

Gravatar Arian

I just pushed a commit which fixes the weird error in the Video Feather you reported. Thanks.