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Hello community,

I want to set up an little travel blog for a friend of mine. He wants to protect the complete site with a password. Because I don't want to use .htaccess method, I'm looking for a solution with php. I tried surround the index.php with my own code: See attached file.


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Hey, if you set the permissions view site to only allow registered users then I think that would accomplish what you want.

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I don't want to have registered users. I just want to have one password, which I can give around.

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ahh, okay. I think the easiest thing to do would be to contact your host, they often have a password lock option.

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They would direct me the Confixx password lock option, which does nothing more than creating a .htaccess...

With the attached .php file i tried to use the chyrp session and create a password login before displaying the chyrp site.

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You could also make a registered user and give that password around then block access to the control panel (password changing etc) with htaccess and only allow your ip...

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Id argue the best option would be a single user account with group access to view the page. If you want classic HTACCESS restrictions, that's pretty easy too.