Running Chyrp with SQLite and Lighttpd from a PogoPlug

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For those interested in energy-efficient hosting solutions, I've put up a tutorial here about how to get Chyrp running with an SQLite database and Lighttpd server on a PogoPlug.

(A PogoPlug, for those of unaware, is a small 4W ARM computer running ArchLinux that is meant to be used as a personal cloud server.)

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Davis, that was an excellent read. Very tempting to try and I'd really go for it, though due to the power supply insufficiencies down here I couldn't rely on that kind of setup too much. Nice job once again.

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Thanks for the comments, and the Twitter link. :)

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Got some more nasty details with lighty and using chyrp from a subdir wrapped up @

Getting rid of the mod_magnet requirement as well as the lua script ;) too.

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drahnr, that works well. However, if chyrp is running in a subdirectory on the server, then
"^/(|chyrp_dir/)admin(|/|/(.*))$" => "/chyrp_dir/admin$2",
"^/(|chyrp_dir)(|/|/(.*))" => "/chyrp_dir/index.php")

needs to be changed to
"^/chyrp_dir/admin(|/|/(.*))$" => "/chyrp_dir/admin$2",
"^/chyrp_dir(|/|/(.*))" => "/chyrp_dir/index.php")

since it's likely that the site has an index.(html|php) file in their root directory. The code, as is, will automatically redirect to the chyrp directory if no file is explicitly specified.

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@davisr: You are right, it depends on the site being handled completlyby chyrp or chyrp just being a part of the website. I'll add a note and an alternate config snippet. Thanks for noting! Feedback appreciated :)